Tree Removal

Dead trees are not only unsightly - they also present a serious risk of injury. Flying Squirrel Tree Service is your one-stop shop for expert tree removal.


Not only will we take care of safe and effective cutting that presents no danger to your property, we're also able of stump grinding and other services that fully remove all traces of a tree.

When contracted for a tree removal job, our certified team will start with a visit to see the exact situation firsthand before giving you a quote. Because every tree is different and may require different cutting methods, a professional assessment is the first step in quality tree removal service.

In addition to your standard tree removal, we're also available for emergency services. While we strongly believe that being proactive is the right approach when dealing with trees, we also understand that events like storms and lightning can come without warning. Our professional team will mobilize quickly in emergency situations to make sure dangerous trees are removed quickly and expertly.

Whether you need an immediate tree removal response or just have a tree that you've been meaning to get rid of, call 250-619-2974 to speak with Flying Squirrel Tree Service today.


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